By assembling a team of mission-driven individuals, including scientists and industry stakeholders, Moxie leads the industry in developing methods and innovating the technology necessary to move cannabis extraction into the mainstream. 



Moxie's executive team has more combined hours of extraction than any other operating group in medical cannabis. 


Moxie utilizes third-party peer reviewed Standard Operating Procedures, Safety Measures, and Facilities.

  At Moxie, we employ chemists, engineers, and highly trained staff who understand the science of thermodynamically -assisted extraction. We use only the purest solvents and employ methods that eliminate solvent exposure in working areas. We use devices and methods that are typically employed by bio-therapy developers. 


Moxie commitment to the highest safety standards is best shown through their Las Vegas Production Facility and upcoming Colorado MIPs facility.

Extraction Process

Using the latest technology and following strict safety standards, Moxie remains committed to providing patients with the highest quality medicinal cannabinoids available today. Moxie' Extracts innovative laboratory-grade three-step process uses Class 1, Division 1 environments and food/pharmaceutical-grade equipment and procedures.